Abhishek Karande

Abhishek Karande

Abhishek Karande comes in with vast and core experience of more than a decade.  His forte lies in identifying major trends in financial markets across various asset classes.

Abhishek has served on an Institutional Research Desk as Technical & Alternate Strategist catering to major Fund Managers, AMC Traders as well as Analysts.  He has worked with esteem organisations like MotilOswal, Systematix Group, Societe Generale, SBICAP Securities, and Elara Capital.  Meanwhile, he has delivered training sessions and mentored up and coming investors, traders, analysts, and working individuals.


  • Monetizing Market Expertise Responsibly in the Attention Economy

    Strength in Diversity: The global economy appears to be accelerating into a new paradigm, as financial and geopolitical tensions risk a global fracturing into a multi-polar order, the long-term implications of which are still yet to be fully understood or priced...