Alessandro Langer

Portfolio Manager
Centiva Capital

Alessandro Langer is a Portfolio Manager at Centiva Capital, a multi strategy hedge fund headquartered in New York, where he trades equity futures.

At Centiva, Mr. Langer co-heads a new joint venture focused on event trading around economic events; an effort he runs jointly with a Senior Portfolio Manager.

Before assuming his role at Centiva Capital, Mr. Langer was a Principal Trader at Morgan Stanley where he worked in the Cash Equity Trading Desk and managed the desk cash inventory around macroeconomic risk events. Prior to Trading, he worked as a Trading Strategist in Morgan Stanley Quantitative Trading Analytics (QTA), where he launched Morgan Stanley Global Trading–Research Integration Strategy, a global effort across regions (US, EMEA, Asia) and departments (Trading, Research, Technology) to further integrate two of the firm largest departments on a data, infrastructure, and governance standpoint; aimed at extracting intraday trading signals from the firm proprietary research. As a Principal Trader, Mr. Langer deploys a novel investment approach known as macro event-driven equity investing, which focuses on trading equity market futures by primarily considering macroeconomic indicators, such as economic releases and central banking decisions, rather than traditional fundamental metrics.

Mr. Langer is also an advisor on investment, economics and data science matters to a broad range of institutions and individuals. Mr. Langer is a member of CAIA – where he also advises the network on the curriculum – and is a member of the FISD, the Alternative Data Council and of the National Association in Business Economics (NABE).

He is a Fulbright Scholar in Data Science and Economics, and the awardee of the Allen Fund Fellowship in Data Science.

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