Alice Chin

Alice Chin

Alice W. Chin is the Founder and CEO of Your Other Half (YOH), a human resources and operations firm that helps small business grow. After graduating from Barnard College, Alice began her career in Human Resources at Newsweek, Allen & Overy, and IDEO, before founding Your Other Half in 2010. A fourth-generation entrepreneur, Alice is passionate about improving the success rate of small businesses in the U.S., by partnering with business owners to create happy, profit-generating teams. She loves leading YOH’s committed team of small business experts, and creating innovative, focused approaches to serve her clients.

Your Other Half (YOH) is a human resources and operations firm serving small businesses with 2-99 employees in the U.S. We work with small business owners to create efficient, happy workplaces, so they have time to grow their businesses and enjoy their lives. YOH helps business owners find, hire, manage and retain the talent needed to achieve their goals. We also work closely with our clients to create and implement sustainable, compliant people systems, as well as engaging and managing small business vendors from our elite network of providers, all of whom provide discounts or bonuses to YOH’s clients.


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