Amro Zakaria Abdu

Chief Executive Officer
MADARIK Ventures

Amro Zakaria Abdu is Chief Executive Officer at MADARIK Ventures.

Mr. Zakaria is a seasoned financial services industry strategist and a certified commodity trader with over two decades in the global financial markets,

Embracing the clarion call of COP28, global political and business leaders unite in a resounding commitment to address the urgent climate agenda. As the Director for the Middle East and Africa region at Kyoto Network, he aims to contribute to the collective effort for a sustainable and resilient world. His mission is to assist nations and corporations in formulating and refining their climate strategies. Together, we aim to unlock the hidden wealth and myriad benefits embedded in the transition toward a net-zero future.

In 2019, Amro founded MADARIK Ventures, a specialized company focused on developing and financing projects aligned with the United Nations’ 17 SDGs. The primary focus areas include ESG-compliant projects, renewable energy, commodities, food security, and financial inclusion solutions. The mission is to drive positive social and environmental impact through innovative and sustainable investments.

Mr. Zakaria is also co-founder of Market Trader Academy, an esteemed educational institute headquartered in New York that offers comprehensive training and advisory services to both individuals and institutions on various aspects of the global financial markets, financial analysis, blockchain and fintech.

Amro takes great pride in cultivating partnerships with universities worldwide, collaboratively developing academic programs that bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical industry insights.

As a sought-after guest speaker and media commentator, he frequently shares his insights on global financial markets, fintech, blockchain, and emerging economic trends. His articles have been featured in prestigious publications such as Newsweek, Forbes, and Investors Magazine.

Beyond Amro’s professional affiliations, he actively serves as an advisor to multiple financial exchanges, brokerage firms, and fintech startups, further cementing his commitment to empowering stakeholders to engage more effectively with the dynamic world of finance.