Andreas Clenow

Author & Chief Investment Officer
Family Office

Andreas Clenow is a Swedish Swiss financier and author based in Zurich, where he acts as Chief Investment Officer of a family office. Over the past three decades, he has been a tech entrepreneur, financial consultant, hedge fund manager, fintech founder, quant trader, financial advisor, board member and a middle management corporate bureaucrat. 
Born and raised in the Swedish equivalent of Kansas, he moved to Switzerland in 2002 where he has managed hedge funds, funded and sold businesses and written a few books. His three trading books, Following the Trend, Stocks on the Move and Trading Evolved are all top global best sellers and have been translated to multiple languages. The second edition of Following the Trend was released in late 2022, ten years after the original. 
Andreas has also penned a novel, A Most Private Bank based on his experiences in the secretive and often absurd world of Swiss finance. A dark, cynical and gritty depiction of how the game of finance is played in real life, it may either teach you valuable career skills or scare you into a career in telemarketing.
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