Bhagyashree Urdhwareshe, CMT

Bhagyashree Urdhwareshe, CMT has been active in trading and technical analysis of Indian stock market since 2007 and US Market since 2015, trading derivatives and equities.

She owned a software development firm Sunsoft Technologies in India that successfully executed several software development projects from concept to implementation. The focus was on corporate software solutions with a special emphasis on web-based applications. SunSoft had also launched a set of web based decision support systems which were offered as application service in the form of standard or customized solutions. The modules were mapped to the client’s existing business flow to track and analyze data and provide business intelligence information at various levels.

Bhagyashree is proficient in Japanese language and completed penultimate level certification (J.L.P.T level 2 Ni Kyuu). Contact her on Twitter @sunsofttech.