Bob Brogan, Sr., CMT

SVP, Founder, Co-Head Market Technician

Bob Brogan, Sr., CMT is the Founder of Brogan Group Equity Research (BGER), a division of Wellington Shields & Co. LLC, which has an expertise in money flows and relative performance analysis. BGER monitors and provides money flow & relative performance analytics streaming “Live” to clients’ computers via the E-Signal Global trading platform. They work with institutional money managers who collectively manage over $2T dollars in equities.

Bob began his career in 1968 as a graduate of Dean Witter & Company’s training program and was a member of the COMPARE sales team which marketed Dr. Robert Levy, pioneer of the computer-based momentum model. Then, he joined Wertheim & Co. Inc. to do institutional research where he introduced a “Trend & Counter-trend Electric Utility Trading Model” for institutional income funds (total return). In 1974, Bob joined Tucker Anthony R.L. Day where he was a Managing Director, Branch Manager of the Philadelphia office and a member of the Institutional Sales team working with Institutional InvestorFirst-Team market guru, Stan Berge. During his 13-year tenure working with Stan, Bob learned the art and science of applying macroeconomic, monetary and technical analysis to identify the primary and intermediate trends of the stock market.

In 1988, he founded Bomar Securities, L.P and in 1991, it was selected by Microsoft Inc. as a beta site to build the first commercial Windows-based research and analytics workstation for buy-side portfolio managers and traders. Reuters acquired Bomar in 1992 and today the same program is known as Thomson Reuters Advance Equities Trader.

After that Bob developed “The Money Flow Persistency Model” and began monitoring institutional programs. Brogan joined H.G. Wellington & Co. in 2000. His son Terence joined him in 2002, followed by Rob in 2008, making The Brogan Equity Research Group a family-managed research team. In 2009, after the merger with Shields & Co, BGER joined Wellington Shields & Company, LLC.

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November 28, 2018
Money Flow Analysis Helps Protects Portfolios
Presenter(s): Bob Brogan, Sr., CMT