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Brian Sanborn, CFA

Brian Sanborn, CFA

Global Quantitative Equity Strategist

Brian Sanborn, Global Quantitative Equity Strategist at the Ned Davis Research Group, leads the team which provides quantitative modeling capabilities for NDRG’s individual Equity coverage. Sanborn has been using technical analysis, including advanced statistical methods and trend modeling techniques, to create unique stock screening and portfolio analysis tools for the entire firm since 2004.

Brian’s team conceived NDRG’s Equity Service, which employs these portfolio analysis tools as well as in-depth actionable commentary (including themed baskets) and detailed stock information to serve research strategists and investor clients.

Brian and his team write the Stock Selection Portfolio Strategy and Briefings publications, which provide insights into recent factor performance, emerging factor trends, and favorable factors for the macro environment. Before joining NDRG, Brian was an Assistant Financial Statement Analyst and an Assistant Quantitative Analyst for Vardon Capital Management, where he performed statistical testing and constructed quantitative models.

Brian received a Master’s degree in Statistics from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Economics from Davidson College. Brian is a CFA charterholder and is a member of the CFA Institute.


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