Chuck LeBeau

Chuck LeBeau has been a professional in the field of investing for more than forty years and is a world-renowned expert in the subject of exit strategies. His pioneering research on exit strategies has led to many new techniques and models such as the now famous “Chandelier Exit” that has been eagerly adopted by the investment community. He is currently the Founder and Director of Analytics at, an innovative website that helps to warn investors when one of their stocks may be in trouble.

Chuck served as Vice President and Regional Futures Director at E.F. Hutton for twenty years before becoming a Commodity Trading Advisor and Hedge Fund Manager for stock investments. His classic book about technical indicators, Computer Analysis of the Futures Market, has been published in seven languages and has been reprinted 15 times. His informative articles have appeared in a variety of publications that focus on technical analysis and quantitative engineering.

In addition to dedicating himself to teaching and lecturing to investors throughout the world, Chuck has also served as a consultant to several global financial institutions including a central bank and the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund.