Connie Brown, CFTe, MFTA

Aerodynamic Investments Inc.

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Connie Brown founded Aerodynamic Investments Inc. in 1996 to advance the field of technical research using Gann theory. Prior to founding her company, Connie was an institutional trader for 12 years and then managed a futures hedge fund for six years, eventually closing the fund in 2002 up 68 percent for the year.

Connie continues to practice technical analysis, actively trading from her office in North Carolina and advising numerous financial institutions and banks around the world on her technical strategy through the internet. Ms. Brown has written ten books and is a former editor of the CMT Association’s Journal of Technical Analysis. Her book Fibonacci Analysis, published by Bloomberg Press, won the Gold medal in the 2009 Axiom Business Book Awards. The most recent book, “Trading Market Dynamics Using Technical Analysis’ contains her real-time intraday trader’s log for the entire month of January 2022 from the S&P500 top.

Connie’s books are known to cover a breadth of technical analysis methods as they apply to trading and using multiple methods together to increase timing and probability.

Connie is on IFTA’s Education Committee. She holds the industry’s highest accreditation, Master of Financial Technical Analysis. Named the 2018 Hall of Fame inductee by the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts.

Connie founded the ‘Composite Index’ recommended by George Lane, Stochastics’ founder, in the introduction of ‘Technical Analysis for the Trading Professional’, now in a 2nd edition. The oscillator warns when RSI has failed to form a warning divergence signal and is now used by traders in numerous markets and time horizons.

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