Cornelius Luca

Cornelius Luca

Corelius Luca authored “Trading in the Global Currencies Markets,” published by Prentice Hall (3rd edition – 2007), a comprehensive analysis of the foreign exchange markets, instruments, players and methods of forecasting, and “Technical Analysis Applications in the Global Currencies Markets,” also published by Prentice Hall, an exhaustive and unique coverage of currency chart analysis. He also authored “Technical Analysis Applications,” which is published by McGraw-Hill, and “Introduction to Technical Analysis,” which is published by Euromoney.

Cornelius has spent his entire professional life in international finance. He has been primarily active in the spot market, but also was directly involved in trading foreign currency futures, forwards and options. He also produced FX and Technical Analysis at LGR and FX Concepts, and has advised numerous clients in the US and around the world. He has taught courses at the New York University, Pace University, and at the New York Institute of Finance. Outside the U.S., he has presented courses and participated in conferences in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Milan, Geneva, Lisbon, Moscow, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei, Johannesburg, Sydney, Toronto, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Dubai, Cairo, Kuwait and Riyadh.

Mr. Luca has an MBA in International Business and Finance from the New York University Leonard Stern Graduate School of Business.

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