Dean Rogers, CMT

Dean Rogers, CMT

Dean Rogers, president of DRC Solutions, Inc., was retained as General Manager and Senior Analyst in 2002 after having worked for Kase and Company, Inc. from 2000.

Rogers is now one of the energy industry’s top technical analysts and forecasters and writes Kase’s award-winning forecasts. In his role at DRC, Rogers oversees Kase’s operations and client support and training. He also teaches at Kase’s technical analysis and energy risk management courses, manages programming and development, and collaborates closely with Ms. Kase in developing new software and carrying out quantitative research.

When with Kase, Rogers designed and wrote programs and modules to help expedite and automate parts of Kase’s internal forecasting and hedging systems. He also worked extensively with the Kase StatWare ® trading indicators.

Mr. Rogers holds a BA from the University of New Mexico, having concentrated in Organizational and Information Learning Systems. Rogers is a member of the CMT Association and a CMT charter holder, has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal ®, Bloomberg ® and Reuters ® publications, and Black & Veatch’s ® Cap Markets Report. He has also been published in Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities ® magazine and contributed articles to various eSignal™ and Bloomberg ® publications.