Edward Goettig, CMT

Edward Goettig, CMT

Edward Goettig, CMT, started his financial career serving in different banking capacities. He received licenses in securities and has an extensive working trading knowledge in Currencies, Securities, Derivatives, Futures, Bonds, and Treasuries. He has worked for several years on a trading desk dealing with mortgage-backed securities and federal funds and
also managed the bank’s solvency through the Federal Reserve Bank, which involved actively managing a large account and worked for Charles Schwab in Phoenix in the business development department.

Currently, he is an educator/trainer with Investools Inc, a subsidiary of thinkorswim Group. He teaches about the financial markets and assists other individual investor to gain a better knowledge and understanding to trade these markets. He has taught thousands of individual investors how to be a better investor and technical analysis is one of the emphases that he focuses on. He looks forward to continuing the pursuit of the MTA to increase awareness and understanding of technical analysis in the financial world and other industries.