Eric Hadik

Eric Hadik

Eric Hadik is the President of Insiide Track Trading, which he founded in 1994. Eric aanalyzes the markets on a perpetual basis, providing intra-week, weekly and monthly market analysis on financial & commodity markets to subscribers. Through his firm, he produces educational materials and articles to aid in training traders in any related arena (stocks, indices, ETFs, futures, interest rates, forex, etc) and also provides timely market commentary for diverse media publications, including CNBC, Forbes, Investor’s Daily, and Trader’s World.


  • Conversations: Podcast Interview with Eric Hadik

    Conversations continues this week as Lance McDonald, CMT has an opportunity to sit down with Eric Hadik! Eric talks about he got involved with commodities by working in a butcher shop, why people generally struggle with cycles, and how his approach is a bit different!