Francis Hunt

Founder, The Market Sniper

Francis Hunt, as the originator of the Hunt Volatility Funnel trading methodology, describes himself as a Trader, Technical Analyst and Teacher, is known from his YouTube channel as TheCryptoSniper. He is also the Founder of The Market Sniper.

Stemming from his over 30 years of experience and deep immersion in trading and technical analysis of various markets, this unique approach to trading is the culmination of everything he found to have been valuable and profitable on a consistent, reliable basis, distilled into a single all-encompassing trading system that can easily be learned and internalized by others.

Francis Hunt made his first investments in 1987 pre-crash and bought his first option in 1991 and has been trading equities and other assets since. He is a technical trader who believes all information related to an asset is reflected in its price and therefore reveal the true market sentiment of that asset.

In addition to being a highly successful trader and technical analyst, Francis also enjoys teaching his trading methodology to others. He built a community of like-minded traders around him that supports him and each other with trade ideas and positive reinforcement in an otherwise lonely and harsh environment.