Henry Marchell

Henry Marchell

Henry Marchell is a technical analyst and the Managing Director of Stanton Analytics, an investment firm he started after a decade with Citigroup. Henry’s background in the markets began in 1978 at the Comex as a runner. By 1984, he purchased his own seat and in 1990, moved to the NYMEX as a floor broker specializing in cracks. He would later leave the exchange floor for Lehman Brothers as a broker an analyst, where he spent the next six years. Afterwards, he moved to the institutional trading desk at Citigroup dedicated to energy, then started Stanton Analytics.

Interspersed between those years, Henry studied technical analysis and swaps at the New York Institute of Finance. He also studied Steven Wolfram’s cellular automata, using the high level language of Mathematica to design analysis techniques for oil futures trading.