Howard Bandy, PhD

Howard Bandy, PhD

Dr. Howard Bandy is President of Blue Owl Press.  Dr. Bandy is an author and publisher of books related to quantitative trading systems for stocks, bonds, funds, futures.  He is a consultant in the development, testing, and validation of trading systems.

Dr. Bandy has over 50 years experience in research and applications of modeling and simulation of financial systems. Howard has previously worked as a senior research analyst for a CTA firm and as a consultant to trading companies and individuals.

He is a speaker at international conferences and is the author of Quantitative Technical Analysis (Blue Owl Press, Inc, 2015), Mean Reversion Trading Systems (Blue Owl Press, Inc, 2013), Introduction to AmiBroker (Blue Owl Press, Inc, 2012), Quantitative Trading Systems (Blue Owl Press, Inc, 2011), and Modeling Trading System Performance (Blue Owl Press, Inc, 2011).

Dr. Bandy has university degrees in mathematics, physics, engineering, and computer science, completing graduate studies and research in modeling and simulation, statistics, and some of the early work in artificial intelligence.