James Cox

Founder and CEO, Taipan Trading & Investments

James Cox is the Founder and CEO of Taipan Trading and Investments Pte Ltd since 2012, based in Singapore.

James’s journey into the markets started during the great financial crisis with a deep dive into the history and machinations of the monetary system. An early crypto currency adopter, in 2012 he wrote one of the first published books on the topic: Bitcoin and Digital Currencies. In 2013 he co-founded Ripple Singapore which served as the first Ripple gateway for physical bullion stored in Singapore to trade on the Ripple Network.

James is also a student of trading and has developed a trend following system that he applied to the crypto markets for Taipan Investments. This methodology is based in fundamentals to do with market psychology as well strict money management principles based on risk-reward setups. He has also recently registered a trial ‘Taipan Short Fund’ to profit from an increasingly probable breakdown in the mainstream equity, bond and currency markets.

James is from the UK and is a Permanent Resident of Singapore.