Jamie Coutts, CMT, CFTe

Jamie Coutts, CMT, CFTe

Jamie Coutts, CMT, CFTe is a dedicated investment industry professional with experience in investment advisory, equity sales, buy and sell side trading roles. For the past several years in his capacity as the Buyside Equity Specialist at Bloomberg Singapore, Jamie has developed a proven track record in delivering enterprise solutions and managing projects for global and regional asset managers, focusing on quantitative trading strategies, ESG integration, research management solutions (RMS) and broker evaluation. He is also a regular content contributor to the “Functions for the Market” article series on the Bloomberg terminal.

Jamie also continues to focus his energy on proprietary trading systems while advancing the discipline of technical analysis as a global board member for the Chartered Market Technicians (CMT) Association, APAC lead and co-chair for the Singapore Chapter. A proponent of financial market innovation, Jamie believes cryptocurrencies will continue to disrupt the legacy financial markets and sees Bitcoin as an emergent store of value.