Jamie Coutts, CMT, CFTe

Jamie Coutts, CMT, CFTe

Jamie Coutts, CMT, CFTe has 18 years of experience spanning private banking, equity sales trading and institutional asset management. Starting at Credit Suisse in Australia as a stockbroker he moved to London in 2003 to pursue a career abroad. During his time in equity sales in London and Singapore, Jamie produced technical analysis research for institutional clients and applied a technical trading approach which he harnessed for quantitative alpha capture funds. During that time, Jamie acquired the CMT designation and was published and interviewed by several news media outlets.  In 2014, he joined Bloomberg L.P. as a Market Specialist for the Trade Ideas/Alpha Capture product which has grown to incorporate Research Management Solutions (RMS) for asset management clients. Jamie is global board member of the CMT Association and has been Chairperson for the Singapore chapter since 2014.

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