Javed Mirza, CMT, CFA

Quantitative/Technical Analyst
Canaccord Genuity

Javed Mirza joined Canaccord Genuity’s Canadian research team as a Quantitative/Technical Analyst in 2017 with over 10 years of technical analysis experience. Previously, he worked in finance at a Canadian bank and on the derivatives pricing desk at State Street Canada.

He holds the CMT and CFA designations and is a member of both the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts and the Toronto CFA society.

Javed has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Toronto and received his MBA from the Queen’s School of Business.

Javed has been quoted in Financial media such CNBC, the Globe and Mail, and the Financial Post and makes regular televised appearances on BNN Bloomberg. Javed has made numerous presentations at CMT events in the Great White North (Canada). 

Javed has been fascinated by games all his life, being a chess champion in middle school and he continued to play games at a professional level during university. He has taken his love of strategy, history, and games and applied a unique multi-faceted approach to market analysis. He loves the challenge of the market, as a dynamic multi-faceted environment wherein the rules constantly change. When he is not busy sifting through thousands of charts and looking for attractive reward/risk opportunities, Javed enjoys spending time with his family. 

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