Joel Pannikot

Head: Asia-Pacific & MD: CMTPL
CMT Association, Inc

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Joel Pannikot (pronounced as Punny-Quote) is the Managing Director of Chartered Market Technician Private Limited and serves as the Head of the Asia-Pacific region for the CMT Association. In this role, he is committed to advancing the field of technical analysis through strategic industry partnerships, educational initiatives, and brand positioning. Joel collaborates with a diverse network of volunteers to enrich the engagement experience for the growing community of CMT Association members and candidates throughout Asia.
Joel is also the Founder of Peak You Learn Tech LLP. In these roles, he endeavors to create meaningful synergies between the Industry, Academia, and the Non-Profit sector.
With over 20 years of diverse experience in the education-technology sector, Joel has significantly contributed to multiple areas, including commercial education, corporate training, K-12, and continuing professional development. He has led three educational technology startups.
Prior to his current positions, Joel was CEO at Zaya Learning Labs, an educational technology social enterprise focused on democratizing access to digital learning. He also transformed Teach A Class Foundation, a Section 8 non-profit organization, into India’s first crowdfunding platform dedicated to school teachers.
Between 2010 and 2017, Joel oversaw the education strategy for Bloomberg L.P. across the Asia-Pacific region, aiding educational institutions in leveraging their relationship with Bloomberg for maximum benefit.
Before joining Bloomberg, Joel was an entrepreneur helping traders to understand behaviour psychology and its impact on investment performance (learning from on his time as a trader from late 2004 to the sub-prime crisis), as well as training global corporations in sales, and communication. He also worked with business schools through workshops on corporate life skills and financial markets.
Beginning in 2001, Joel’s early career has included roles in teaching, event management, music marketing and international fixed income derivatives trading.
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