John Bougearel, CMT

John Bougearel, CMT, is a founder and principal of Structural Logic Inc, a Commodity Trading Advisor.  Structural Logic incorporated in August 2000 as a financial newsletter and later became a CTA, offering managed futures accounts to clients in 2012. John’s career in the financial markets began on the trading floors of the CME back in 1994. As a financial consultant, John has published a daily financial newsletter, Structural Logic, for his clients since 2000. Through his CTA, John offers his clients a trend-following managed futures trading program. John is also a featured financial analyst on Bloomberg News, Fox Business News, Business News Network, and First Business News, and author of Riding the Storm Out: What Do Investors Do Now, a book about timely title on the 2008-09 financial crisis and what risks investors and traders will need to hedge for in the coming decade. For additional information, please visit Structural Logic website at