John Gagliardi, CMT

John Gagliardi

John Gagliardi, CMT ©. Regional Vice President Brokerage, Fidelity Active Trader Services.

John graduated from New York University with a Bachelor of Arts in Business and Legal Studies.  Using a thesis created at NYU’s Stern School of Business, John sold his first company to Barnes and Noble (NYSE: BKS).  This concept evolved into the largest retailer of video games, GameStop (NYSE: GME).

On Wall St., John began his career working in Convertible Risk Arbitrage on the floor of the NY Stock Exchange.   During the internet revolution, John was a pioneer of Direct Access technology and trained professional traders.   John is highly proficient in market mechanics, sector research, ETF’s, options, fixed income, fundamental analysis and earned his designation as Certified Market Technician.   He has lectured to individual investors nationwide as a keynote speaker for the Money Show, NY Traders Expo and Traders Summit.  Today, John can be on Yahoo Finance and Cheddar.com as a regular guest every Friday morning.  John has been with Fidelity Investments since 2004.

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