John Murphy, CMT

John Murphy, CMT

John Murphy, Chief Technical Analyst at and former technical analyst for CNBC, is author of several popular books including the best-selling Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets.   His books on intermarket analysis created a new branch of market analysis emphasizing global linkages.   His latest book, entitled Trading With Intermarket Analysis – A Visual Approach to Beating The Financial Markets Using Exchange Traded Funds was published by John Wiley in 2013. The International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA) recognized his accomplishments with an award for outstanding contribution to global market analysis.  He is also a recipient of the CMT Association’s Annual Award. John applies charting tools, with a strong emphasis on relative strength analysis, to Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to implement global asset allocation and sector rotation strategies. His intermarket approach bridges the gap between economic, fundamental, and technical analyses. He is the chief technical analyst for, an award-winning charting website, and his current market views are published on that site.


  • 2002 - Annual Award

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