Katsuhiko Okada, PhD

CEO/CIO, Magne-Max Capital Management

Katsuhiko Okada, Tenured Professor of Finance, Kwansei Gakuin University and CEO/CIO, Magne-Max Capital Management, Japan, registered investment advisory firm with Japan FSA.

Katsuhiko founded Magne-Max Capital Management, which advises asset managers using AI and Big Data. He founded the firm with a team of academics who specializes in behavioral finance, computer science, big data analysis and machine learning, and endeavors to incorporate state-of-the-art science in the fund management business. In 2015, the firm got into a capital alliance with Yahoo Japan, an internet giant, to engage in Data-driven portfolio construction.

Katsuhiko had worked for the industry for close to 20 years before turning into academics in 2005. He co-founded a successful hedge fund management firm in 1996, Halberdier Capital Management in Singapore, whose peak AUM was one of the largest in Asia. He also worked for Morgan Stanley New York, Tokyo and UBS Tokyo. He holds an MBA from John M. Olin School of Business, Washington University, USA, and PhD in Financial Economics, Kobe University, Japan

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October 3, 2021
Capturing the Market Psychology from Big Data with Katsuhiko Okada and Aman Oberoi
Presenter(s): Katsuhiko Okada, PhD