Kelvin Angle

Kelvin Angle

KD Angle is the CEO of Angle Capital Management, with an expertise in the development of rules-based investment strategies for use with computers. Angle owns 100% of his investment programs and operates them within three different wholly owned companies, each having its own distinctive program. The oldest program began trading in 2000 and is known as the “Genesis Program”, which is operated by Kelly Angle Inc., a registered CTA. In 2003, Angle developed and began trading a second investment program known as the “Keck Program” and it is operated by Keck Capital Management LLC, which is also registered as a CTA. The 2010, Angle created a third product which combines the Genesis and Keck programs into a single allocation product known as the “AIP Program”. The AIP Program is also available in the Angle Investment Partners LLC Fund, which is operated by Angle Capital Management LLC, which is a registered as a CTA and CPO. All of Angle’s companies are registered and operate as 4.7 exempt, with the National Futures Association.

K.D. first learned about the futures markets while working for his father’s oil and gas company. After selling the world’s largest liquid helium plant, his father took the $2M in proceeds and purchased a 2000 contract position in gold futures in November of 1978. Six months later, this market position was worth $100M. K.D. began trading the futures markets in 1979 and developed his first rules-based trading strategy in 1984. In 1985 he created a newsletter called “The Timing Device” that specialized in making specific trade recommendations in the futures markets. Its market calls were monitored by Commodity Trader’s Consumer Report along with 25 other letters. In early 1987, Angle’s letter was reported in Forbes Magazine as being the #1 letter of 1986 according to this service. Within 90 days following the Forbes article, Angle’s subscription base expanded into eight countries.

After 1995, Angle retired the newsletter and went into asset management on a full time basis while investing the majority of his time and resources into researching and developing rules-based strategies and operating his asset management company. In a chance meeting at a conference in Geneva, Switzerland in 1996, a strategic relationship developed with Dunn Capital Management, LLC, where Angle’s rules-based managed futures programs were utilized in pools managed by Dunn. 

Angle attended the University of Southern California and graduated with a Bachelors degree emphasizing Psychology and Political Science, from Wichita State University.