Ken Goodreau

Ken Goodreau

Ken Goodreau, who holds a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) designation, is a founding partner at financial advisor Canton Hathaway. Previously, Ken was a Managing Director at WhaleRock Point Partners and a Portfolio Manager at FlowPoint Capital Partners. In his prior roles, Ken has been responsible for firm investment strategy, risk management, and consultant relations. Before joining FlowPoint, Ken was Chief Investment Officer for Tiedemann Investment Group, a New York-based multi-strategy hedge fund, and the Chief Investment Officer for the State of Rhode Island Employees’ Retirement System $8 billion fund. During his tenure in Rhode Island, Ken constructed a $1B alternatives portfolio, and the RI State Pension was highly-ranked vs. peers in overall performance, including nominations by Institutional Investor magazine as “Small State Pension of the Year” twice. Ken has been a proud member of the CMT Association since 1998,and has been a practicing technician for almost 20 years.


  • Active Money Management

    This dual presentation will move quickly into the process and principles of active money management at leading buyside institutions. Mr. Goodreau, being the first pension fund manager to hold the CMT charter is uniquely experienced to talk about the use of an active management...