Mathew Verdouw, CMT, CFTe

Chief Executive Officer

Mathew Verdouw, CEO and Founder of Optuma.

As the founder and CEO of Market Analyst (1996) and Optuma (2019), Mathew has been working in the field of Technical Analysis for over 27 years. His inquisitive nature, engineering background, and passion for helping people led Mathew to build one of the world’s leading Technical Analysis applications with sales to tens of thousands of clients all over the world. His clients range from Private Traders to Analysts and Portfolio Managers. Since 2019, Mathew, and the team at Optuma, have been building a new quant-based engine designed to help Technical Analysts embed quant into their daily process. Mathew also teaches the CMT curriculum to hundreds of candidates each year and has presented at numerous CMT, STA, & IFTA events around the world.



Video Archive Contributions
February 29, 2024
Manual Art of Technical Analysis vs. Quant Automation
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April 27, 2023
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November 5, 2022
Optex Bands – Building on Market Profile with Mathew Verdouw, CMT
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