Patrick Erickson

Patrick Erickson

Patrick Erickson is Director of Data Science for O’Neil Global Advisors (OGA), an SEC Registered Investment Adviser that develops both fundamental and quantitative systematic equity trading strategies. Mr. Erickson established OGA’s data science practice in 2019 to apply quantitative methods to global equity markets, including factor research, model building, portfolio construction, and strategy evaluation. He manages a team of talented Data Scientists with experience from multiple industries.

Prior to that, Mr. Erickson served as Vice President, Research and Development for William O’Neil + Company, an SEC Registered Investment Adviser serving over 400 top-performing institutional portfolio managers worldwide. In his role, Mr. Erickson designed and developed quantitative products for equity investors and built teams to conduct historical market research and apply insights to software and services for institutional and retail clients. He began his work at William O’Neil + Co. in 2000, serving in various roles such as product development, client consulting, and financial research.

Mr. Erickson holds a BA in Psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles and lives in Long Beach, California with his wife and son. He is an avid reader, especially of speculative fiction, and enjoys distance running, weightlifting, cooking and spending time with his family.