Paul McLaren, CMT, CFTe, MSTA

Paul McLaren

Paul is the Managing Director of Enhance Your Options Pty Ltd, an Australian-based company specialising in options education and training.

Paul’s education and career are both broad and varied. He has worked as a farm manager, life insurance agent, high school teacher (Fiji), university tutor and lecturer, IT training manager (UK) and organisational change manager (AUS). It from this background, that he brings a very different perspective to most things that he applies himself to, financial education being one of them.

Having returned from 9 years living in the UK to his Australian homeland in 2012, he decided to fill a niche that he saw in providing quality financial education and training, particularly as it relates to options trading.  Not content to produce just another options trading course, he applied his skills and expertise in data manipulation and proven learning concepts to develop courses that enrich the learning experience. To facilitate this, several proprietary options training tools have been developed, the flagship of which is the RoToR Payoff Diagrams®.

These tools and the courses that are based around them, are the culmination of 25 years’ experience in adult education and training, technical analysis skills and over twenty years’ experience in investing and trading, and a life of seeing things from a different perspective to others.
Paul is an entertaining and highly regarded speaker having delivered presentations in Australia, United Kingdom, Egypt, Malaysia and New Zealand and presented global webinars for the CMT Association and IFTA. He also recently presented at the IFTA 2017 Conference in Milan, Italy.









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