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StockMarket Cycles

Peter Eliades is the President of StockMarket Cycles, a financial advisory entity that published a periodic market newsletter from 1975 until 2015. In 2001, Peter was honored by the CMT Association with the prestigious Charles Dow Award for excellence and creativity in Technical Analysis. Peter has been working for decades developing his own interpretation of J. M. Hurst’s theories of cycle price projections. In 2018, his long-term market analysis colleague, Larry Williams, introduced Peter to Steffen Scheuermann, a talented European programmer. Steffen filled in the missing link and in 2020 Peter and Steffen introduced the Eliades Cycle Price Projection application to the computer and financial worlds. It has been greeted with great acclaim.

In 1985, Peter earned Timer Digest’s “Timer of the Year” award and placed second in 1986 in a close race which wasn’t decided until the final trading day of the year. In 1989, Mark Hulbert (Hulbert Financial Digest) named Peter as the “Most Consistent Mutual Fund Switcher” based on his timing signals for the years 1985, 1986, 1987, and 1988. Mr. Eliades was a regular weekly panelist on ABC Network’s weekly Sunday show, Business World in the 1990s, and has made frequent guest appearances on FNN, CNBC, Wall Street Week, Larry King Live, and Nightly Business Report, as well as more recent appearances with Neil Cavuto on Fox News. He has been featured in some of the nation’s most prestigious publications including Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes among others, and in a cover story in Futures Magazine. He has authored several articles published in Barron’s.

Peter is a graduate of Harvard College and Boston University Law School. He passed the Massachusetts Bar before diverting his career into “show biz” in Manhattan and Los Angeles. It was in Hollywood that he initiated his stock market studies and began another career diversion into the world of technical market analysis.

2001 - Charles H Dow Award


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