Richard Waddington

Richard Waddington has worked in mathematical finance for over 20 years, and is currently the CEO of Sherpa Funds Technology, a technical asset management service he originally built to use on his own fund but later patented for use by other fund managers. Sherpa’s Optimal Risk Sizing methods provide fund managers with IT solutions to process questions, while implementing methods and technologies that generate consistent returns which make clients more investable.

Richard started as a trader on the derivatives desks at Bankers Trust, and worked in London, Tokyo and New York, where he developed and traded innovative FX and interest rate products. He then established an IT business in Tokyo, developing mathematical models for pricing and dealing in the interbank market before returning to the sell-side where he was a global trading business head for Barclays Capital, based in London and then Singapore.

Richard graduated from Cambridge University in the U.K. where he studied physics and engineering. He lives in Singapore.