Saeid Mokhtari, CMT

Saeid Mokhtari, CMT

Saeid Mokhtari, CMT – Executive Director, Global Markets, CIBC Capital Markets
Mr. Mokhtari is a member of the CIBC Capital Markets Investment Strategy Committee and Asset Allocation Team. He works as active investment counsel to the CIBC Wood Gundy portfolio management team (ISG – Investment Strategy Group, as well as Wood Gundy Investment Advisors through a bi-weekly conference call), with additional core institutional research publication responsibilities covering all aspects of technical- and data-series analysis related to a wide range of asset-classes (Stocks, Bonds, Commodities, and FX).

His flagship research publication is called “A Closer Look”, which extensively assesses the broader-markets’ internals with a top-down approach. He is also the author and founder of the CIBC TrendSpotting Matrix publication (TSM) – a proprietary multi-factor trend model that scores stocks / sectors based on their underlying trend strength and relative trend valuation. Mr. Mokhtari also publishes two model portfolios (CDN Portfolio Matrix and U.S. Portfolio Matrix) that are formulaically based with 10 high TSM-scoring constituents that are rebalanced, published, and disseminated on the first business day of each month.

Mr. Mokhtari is also the first Canadian Market Technician that holds a seat on the CMT Association Journal Review Board as well as the Finance Committee for the U.S. society of Market Technicians (CMT Association). He is a regular guest speaker on the Canadian Business News Network (BNN), and often quoted by the Globe & Mail, Financial Post and other business journals.

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