Steve Leuthold

Steve Leuthold

Steve Leuthold has been an investment strategist, manager, and researcher for over 45 years. He is Founder of The Leuthold Group, LLC, an institutional investment research firm established in 1981.

In 1987, Steve initiated a small investment management operation that is driven almost exclusively by The Leuthold Group’s own internal research. Steve served as Chief Investment Officer of the registered investment advisor, was senior executive of the investment portfolio management team, and was a member of Leuthold Funds’ Board of Directors through 2012. Since 1987, assets under management climbed to over $5 billion, including seven mutual funds, and around 200 privately managed accounts. Nearly 85% of assets are managed per the firm’s proprietary active asset allocation methodology.

Considered an industry expert, Steve is frequently cited in leading trade journals, makes appearances on broadcast media financial programs, and is regularly invited to speak at meetings and investment conferences throughout the country. In the past, he has served as a contributing editor, authored articles for major industry publications, and has conducted seminars for industry-related university curriculums including the Universities of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arizona and St. Thomas.

Steve is the author of many books and articles, including The Myths of Inflation and Investing. He has been a frequent contributor to leading trade journals, including The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, The Journal of Portfolio Management, The Financial Analysts Journal, Newsweek, and Business Week.

In 1999, Steve and former Leuthold team member Eric Bjorgen co-authored a special study, “Corporate Insiders’ Big Block Transactions”, for which they won the prestigious Charles H. Dow Award. In addition, Steve Leuthold’s Financial Analyst Journal article, “Inflation, Deflation and Interest Rates,” was awarded the 1982 Graham and Dodd Scroll by the Financial Analysts Federation.

Most recently Steve has been spending his time between his Family Office (Leuthold Strategies, LLC) in Minneapolis and continued efforts in obtaining forestland in the U.S. to devote to Wilderness Forests via his Family Foundation. He has spent many hours with the Nature Conservancy of Maine, New York, and New Hampshire to find available land to purchase with the purpose of preserving natural land and wilderness for generations to come. His Family Office is a small investment firm that manages family assets and the Leuthold Family Foundation, as well as private clients.

Steve remains very active in his business, but hobbies include his garden in Maine (five varieties of potatoes), environmental and animal welfare activities, as well as reliving his past as a Rock ‘n’ Roll pioneer. After graduating from Albert Lea High School (Minnesota) in 1956, Steve pursued a higher education at the University of Wisconsin and graduated from the University of Minnesota. He has four children, Kurt, Mike, and Russell Leuthold and Linda Donerkiel. He spends much of his time with his partner of 20 years, Sharon Hovey.