Steven Orr

Steven Orr

Steven Orr, better known on Wall Street as BigBeat, is the Chief Strategy Officer for He has produced and hosted thousands of webinars, shows, interviews as the featured on-air talent and delivered industry-leading financial squawk services.

He also worked in the US Government (White House, State Department and Congress.) and was in the professional sports industry (NBA, MLB, NFL, PGA) in tech and on-air.

Orr is an active professional trader who has traded every sector and financial instrument over a 32-year period including stocks, bonds, options, futures, currencies, and cryptocurrency. He serves on the board of American Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Association.

Passionate about delivering financial news and share it daily.  He created the formats and styles that currently uses. Also has experience as an integral player in several startups and made a substantial impact penetrating “unreachable” prospects and transforming them into long term satisfied customers.

He shares your goal of connecting with the large audience of both active and potential traders who are in desperate need of education. Covid-19 illuminated that many inexperienced traders could not find the practical and credible trading education they sought.

Steven Orr decided to bring together a group of friends to teach them how to thrive in this “once in a decade/lifetime” opportunity.  They watch him trade, discuss trading strategies, review their strategies, share thoughts on moving targets, etc. He created this community using Slack and Zoom and it quickly grew to over 300 people, his self-imposed limit.


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