Tom DeMark

Founder & CEO
DeMARK Analytics, LLC

Tom DeMark is the founder and CEO of DeMARK Analytics, LLC and the creator of the DeMARK Indicators® library. Tom’s investment career began over 50 years ago at a multibillion-dollar pension and profit-sharing money management fund, National Investment Services, where he was ultimately tasked with researching strategies to improve the company’s investment timing. Disenchanted with the concepts available at that time, Tom began developing the proprietary models that would become the hallmark of his career.

Following his tenure at NIS, Tom consulted with some of the largest trading institutions and fund managers in the world, including Goldman Sachs, Dean Witter, Citibank, IBM, MMM, Mark Steinhardt, George Soros, Paul Tudor Jones, Van Hoisington, Charlie Di Francesca and Leon Cooperman. He currently serves as special advisor to investment titan, Steven A. Cohen of Point72 (a role he has held for over 27 years), as well as another high profile multi-billion-dollar fund manager.

The DeMARK market timing models are known internationally for their objective and mechanically driven approach to both trading and investing and are designed to anticipate price trend exhaustion in the financial markets.

2020 - Annual Award