Toni Hansen

Toni Hansen is a frequent speaker at the trade shows and trading expos and has spoken on behalf of both Townsend Analytics, a division of Lehman Brothers, as well as the Chicago Board of Trade as an active trader of their Mini-Dow futures contract. Toni is a popular columnist on The Hard Right Edge and is a repeat contributor to Stocks, Futures, and Options Magazine, known most widely as SFO, and has recently co-authored their newest book Online Trading.

Throughout the boom and bust of the last decade, Toni has been consistently trading and educating new traders. Her students include a diverse spectrum of market participants, from professional money managers, market analysts, broker and traders to retirees and stay at home parents, as well as those simply wishing to hone their market skills. Over the years she has spent most of her trading days online sharing her skills and insights with others. For more information, visit


Technically Speaking
December 2008