Vipul Ramaiya, CMT

Managing Director
Xcelcap Investment Research Pvt Ltd

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CMT Designation
since 1998

Vipul Ramaiya is a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) with over ten years of extensive experience in capital market operations, technical analysis, portfolio management, and financial analytics. Currently, he serves as the Managing Director at Xcelcap Investment Research Pvt Ltd., where his role encompasses advanced market research across various asset classes including equities, commodities, interest rates, and currency markets.


His expertise extends to the development and presentation of specialized thematic investment strategies for institutional and high-net-worth individual traders. These strategies not only aim to enhance trading outcomes but also focus on optimizing risk management for diverse portfolios. Vipul’s role at Xcelcap is instrumental in aligning client requests with market research, technical analysis, and trading revenue objectives.


Prior to his tenure at Xcelcap, Vipul was an Associate Analyst at JMN Investments Research (P) Ltd, where his responsibilities included macro analysis of US and Global Equity markets, along with Global Commodity and Currency markets. He was also involved in back-testing investment strategies and writing comprehensive periodic reports.


In his earlier role at Roche Ltd, he focused on technical research in major financial markets, managing investment portfolios in the US equity markets, and testing various mechanical system strategies. His tenure at Sharekhan as a Commodity Strategist further underscores his capability in technical analysis, particularly in international commodity markets.


Vipul holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management from M. S. University, Baroda, and is a Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) from the International Federation of Technical Analysts, USA. His educational background lays a strong foundation for his professional expertise in technical analysis and financial markets.


In his specialty areas, Vipul employs Price Action analysis based on Wyckoff Methodologies and uses Momentum and Directional Strategies for high-probability trading setups through Multiple Time-Frame Analysis. He is adept at managing long-only and long-short investment portfolios across different time horizons.


Furthermore, Vipul’s professional skills are not limited to technical market analysis. He is highly skilled in training team members, managing client relationships, and providing transaction/portfolio management advisory. His ability to tailor communication to different target audiences, including fund managers, institutional and retail investors, as well as tactical allocators, is a testament to his versatility in the financial services industry.


Vipul Ramaiya’s career trajectory and professional accomplishments reflect his deep commitment to and proficiency in the field of technical analysis and financial market operations. His contributions to the industry are marked by a blend of analytical acumen, strategic thinking, and an unwavering focus on risk-adjusted performance.


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May 2024