Wayne Whaley, CTA

Wayne Whaley, CTA

G. Wayne Whaley, who holds a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) designation, publishes the weekly Wayne Whaley’s Market Commentary newsletter, which addresses market analysis topics from an engineering perspective to provide commodity trend insight.

Wayne joined Witter & Lester, a Huntsville, Al. based CTA in 1993 with the intention of turning his hobby into a career, and became a partner at the firm in 1999. Mr. Whaley’s forte is the implementation of his engineering background in the development of pattern recognition techniques, along with the ability to backtest multitudes of combinations of candidate market strategies. He currently utilizes a 7000 line computer code that he has been developing over the last 15 years to aid him in his market decisions. The model relies predominantly on the its ability to take an electronic snapshot each day of an indicator’s characteristics, identifying all similar instances in the past and summarizing the statistical results for the user.

Wayne earned a B.S. degree in Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science from Jacksonville State University in 1979.  He received a Masters Degree in Operations Research in 1981 from the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he received his first exposure to the mathematical modeling of probabilistic models. His education also focused on Optimization Theory, Time Series Analysis, Simulation Techniques and Game Theory. Wayne was the recipient of the 2010 Charles Dow Award from the CMT Association for his research paper, Planes, Trains, & Automobiles, A Study Of Various Momentum Thrust Measures.

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