Ryan Detrick, CMT, Featured In CNBC, USA Today’s September Market Forecast

Ryan Detrick, CMT, senior market strategist at LPL Financial, was featured in a USA Today article on Tuesday playing up September's reputation as a volatile month for markets, but advising that volatility wasn't necessarily a bad omen considering historic returns over the course of the past decade. 

"[The] S&P 500 index has actually performed pretty well in September, turning in an average gain of 0.9%," Detrick is quoted as saying. "August was a burst of volatility for most investors, and we expect that to continue in September."

"History shows stocks have overcome the volatility," he added.

Detrick was also featured in a CNBC segment on Tuesday, echoing that sentiment.

Watch the CNBC segment here: Stocks could be in for a September 'surprise' despite historically bad trading.

Read the full article on USA Today: Good riddance to August, but September could be just as bumpy for stocks, history shows.