Steve Deppe, CMT, Speaks On Behavioral Adherence In Proactive Advisor Magazine

Steve Deppe, CMT, authored an article featured in Proactive Advisor Magazine last month on the wisdom of adherence to a sound investment strategy. 

“We need to help our clients first fall in love with the process, or investment policy, embracing the good, the bad, and the ugly. This is important because exercising maniacal discipline in adhering to the process is the only way for the past performance of any portfolio to actually become future results,” Deppe wrote.

“I call this ‘behavioral adherence,’ and it is critical to investing successfully over the full market cycle. I believe our most important responsibility as financial advisors and proactive investment managers is to help our clients optimize behavioral adherence.”

Read the full article online here: Why it’s critical to teach clients the importance of ‘behavioral adherence’