Stocks & Commodities Magazine Interviews Mark Newton, CMT For October Issue

A long-form interview with Mark Newton, CMT, is featured in the upcoming October issue of Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities Magazine. S&C Contributor Karl Montevirgen asked a series of questions pertaining to Newton's use of technical tools in his work, noting that Newton's degree coursework was much more fundamentally-oriented, and observed that Newton uses an extensive suite of tools in his published analysis.

"Honestly, I try to keep things as simple as possible," said Newman. "I do tend to favor momentum over anything else. I do think that traditional chart patterns stand the test of time. So instead of trying to buy something based on, say, a moving average being hit or a crossover of certain moving averages, I almost always lean on using trendlines in my analysis, both static arithmetic trendlines as well as price and time trendlines. So I would say pattern analysis is number one in terms of my approach."

On his trading style, he adds: "I’m much more of a position or swing trader than I am a daytrader or scalper. I tend to be a bit tactical. I try to find something that will trend or that will work for maybe two to three weeks. I’m much more apt to follow the trend versus trying to take the other side of a move intraday."

Read the whole article online: A Technical Narrative With Mark Newton.