BIM Trichy, India, joins CMT Association’s Academic Partner Program

The partnership paves the way for aspiring finance students and professionals for new-age job roles and CMT certification. APRIL 21, 2022 - CMT Association is happy to welcome Bharathidasan Institute of Management (BIM), Tiruchirappalli into the CMT Association’s Academic Partner Program. Selection for the Academic Partner Program signifies a strong commitment to

ARKK Clarification and Update

ARK Innovation ETF

After reading the comments in yesterday's ARKK post I realized that I needed to clarify the post, particularly in light of what, in retrospect, was an overly enthusiastic title. I had hoped to call attention to the anatomy of an important price behavior that is important across a wide variety of

Chris Cain, CMT And Larry Connors Announced As 2020 Dow Award Winners

NEW YORK, NY (February 16, 2020) -- The CMT Association announced on Friday that Chris Cain, CMT and Laurence Connors, of Connors Research LLC, are the 2020 winners of the CMT Association’s prestigious Charles H. Dow Award. The pair received the Dow Award for their research, entitled “Quantamentals – Combining Technical

Andy Wong, CMT Featured On Bloomberg TV

Andy Wong, CMT Featured On Bloomberg TV - 2023

Andy Wong, CMT, was interviewed on Bloomberg TV on Monday, sharing his opinion on the outlook for Chinese technology stocks and the sector at large. "We noticed that the Chinese economy has been stabilizing, and also we noticed that domestic consumption and Chinese business confidence levels are quite healthy," said

George Schade, CMT, Publishes Biography Of Richard W. Schabacker

George A. Schade Jr., CMT, recently released a biography of former Forbes editor and financial writer Richard W. Schabacker. Published by Outskirts Press, The New Era of The Booming 1920s And Its Aftermath: The Biography of Visionary Financial Writer Richard W. Schabacker thoroughly examines the stock market climate of a

Tony Dwyer’s Market Commentary Featured On CNN

Tony Dwyer's Market Commentary Featured On CNN - 2023

CMT Association affiliate member Tony Dwyer was prominently featured in CNN's Business section on Wednesday, as part of a roundup listing the biggest perceived risks to stocks in the coming year. Dwyer's commentary on decreased earnings outlooks and a general global slowdown is highlighted in two of the three largest

Katie Stockton, CMT, Featured On CNBC With Positive Outlook On Tech

Katie Stockton, CMT, Featured On CNBC With Positive Outlook On Tech - 2023

Katie Stockton, CMT, was featured on CNBC's Closing Bell Wednesday with a positive outlook on a few of the tech stocks that have displayed unusually extreme behavior recently.  She pointed to indicators that show the S&P is oversold in the intermediate term, and said she believed Apple also is oversold in the

Rich Ross, CMT, Featured In Bloomberg, Talks AAPL Prospects

Rich Ross, CMT, Featured In Bloomberg, Talks AAPL Prospects - 2023

Rich Ross, CMT, was featured in Bloomberg on Monday talking about the possible direction of Apple's stock price.  "While Apple analysts see it transitioning to a business model based more on services than unit sales, there could be more pain ahead for the stock, which could dethrone it from the number-one spot in

NVIDIA Poised To Gain Strength, Says Todd Gordon

NVIDIA Poised To Gain Strength, Says Todd Gordon - 2023

CMT Association affiliate member Todd Gordon, a technical analyst and founder of, was featured on CNBC late Thursday to talk about a possible buying opportunity for graphics chipmaker Nvidia, which recently experienced a 40% crash in price from its yearly peak to a low last month.  Gordon pointed out that,

Bitcoin Poised For Breakout, Says Rob Sluymer

Bitcoin Poised For Breakout, Says Rob Sluymer - 2023

Affiliate CMT Association member Rob Sluymer, a technical strategist at Fundstrat, was featured in MarketWatch late Thursday with an optimistic perspective on cryptocurrency trends. “The coming 1-2 weeks could prove to be a near-term pivotal point for many cryptocurrencies,” Sluymer wrote in a recent research note, according to the report. “The

Ari Wald, CMT, Bullish On Oversold US Stocks: The Technical Analyst

Ari Wald, CMT, Bullish On Oversold US Stocks: The Technical Analyst - 2023

Executive Director and head of Technical Analysis at Oppenheimer Ari Wald, CMT, was featured in The Technical Analyst on Wednesday with a contrarian outlook stemming from his take on the relatively high amount of oversold US stocks. "Wald notes that the percentage of Russell 3000 stocks below 30 on the 14-day

Rich Ross, CMT, Says Market Should Expect V-Shaped Bounce

Rich Ross, CMT, Says Market Should Expect V-Shaped Bounce - 2023

Head of Technical Analysis at Evercore ISI, Rich Ross, CMT was featured in Bloomberg late last week with an optimistic prediction: chart patterns "now offer a compelling tactical setup for a textbook V-shaped reversal higher." "The 7 percent correction was about 5 percent bigger than I thought it would be and

Too Early To Call A Market Low, Says Stephen Suttmeier, CMT

Too Early To Call A Market Low, Says Stephen Suttmeier, CMT - 2023

A former CMT Association New York Chapter co-chair was featured on MarketWatch early this week with a distinctly cautious outlook for the short term.  "Stephen Suttmeier, a technical research analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, said there are plenty of oversold stocks and bearish sentiment is on the rise but

JC Parets Interviews Ryan Detrick Of LPL Financial

In this episode of Technical Analysis Radio, JC Parets of All-Star Trading interviews Ryan Detrick, who talks about the technical analysis work he does for LPL Financial. "Ryan does an excellent job of using basic mathematics to debunk popular myths told to investors about the market," JC says in his

Where Is Technology Taking Traders? Podcast by Dr. Tom Starke

  A common dream sold to traders, especially when they’re starting out,  is the dream of sitting back on the beach sipping cocktails while our trading systems go to work and make us money. While certain aspects of that dream are possible, for example automated trading, traders still need to do a

The Benefits of a Trend-Following Investment Approach

In the search for the latest, greatest trading system or strategy, don’t neglect the one system that has been proven to work over the long run. What if there was one investment approach that guaranteed you would always be invested during sustained upward moves of your selected investment or asset class

Technical Analysis Is A Wise Move For Any Cryptocurrency Related Investments

Cryptocurrency is the latest rage, and quite a few inexperienced people have gotten in over their heads. Although, that's nothing new considering 3 in 10 Americans involved in investment decisions say they never research investment strategies, despite making high-risk investments. Forty-eight percent of American adults, mostly Millennials, believe volatile investments

Mark Dow of Behavioral Macro – All Star Charts

Listen to the Podcast Here.   This conversation with Mark Dow kicks off Season 2 of the bAll Star Charts Interviews sponsored by Investor’s Business Daily. Mark worked for the U.S. Treasury Department in charge of Emerging Markets in the early 90s and later was a sovereign analyst at a Mutual Fund before ultimately

Looking at Markets from Different Angles – Rikard Nilsson

In this podcast episode we’re going to be talking about strategy design and different ways to look at the markets, and joining us as our special guests is Rikard Nilsson from Autostock. Rikard trades all different styles and markets, and has even built his own trading platform with some interesting features he’s

New Podcast Episode: Jon Najarian, Co-Founder of Investitute

  "Jon Najarian has been trading options since the early 80s when he first entered the Chicago pits. I’ve always had an appreciation for the way Jon looks at the behavior of market participants through the options market, particularly the largest institutional players. By monitoring the volume size of these trades,

Andrew Thrasher, Portfolio Manager at The Financial Enhancement Group

Andrew Thrasher is the perfect guest to have on the podcast this month. His expertise in Volatility made him the 2017 Charles Dow Award winner, ironically the year that the US Stock market saw the lowest volatility on record. Today, Andrew is an Indianapolis-based Portfolio Manager at The Financial Enhancement group

Buff Dormeier, CMT honored as a Forbes Best In State Wealth Advisor

Fort Wayne, IN Feb. 15th, 2018, Buff Dormeier, Managing Director Investments & Senior PIM Portfolio Manager, of Wells Fargo Advisors in Fort Wayne, IN has been recognized as a Best- In-State Wealth Advisor – Indiana in the 2018 State by State Advisor Rankings by Forbes Magazine. Buff Dormeier CMT, winner of 2007 Charles

Louise Yamada, Managing Director of LY Technical Research Advisors

Originally Posted by JC Parets from Technical Analysis Radio.       Louise Yamada has been an inspiration to me for my entire career. Bringing nearly 4 decades of experience as a technical analyst, Louise adds a unique perspective on markets that makes her the perfect compliment to some of the younger guests that

Technician: Sell the Rally and Buy the Dip

Bill Strazzullo, Bell Curve Trading partner and chief market strategist, takes a technical look at the markets during this volatility and gives his outlook for range trading opportunities. Click the Image to be directed to the video.

New Podcast Episode with Trader Joe Fahmy

Joe Fahmy is one of the premier voices for the importance of relative strength analysis throughout an investing process. This podcast episode discusses the current U.S. Stock Market environment, sentiment and some select areas where he is currently seeing rotation and strength.