Technical Analysis, October 2016 Issue Now Available!

Technically Speaking magazine is a monthly periodical distributed to the CMT Association membership in digital format. Technically Speaking highlights a variety of topics in market analysis, asset management, and trading. The magazine features articles, techniques and research written by members of the CMT Association and wider financial community, book reviews, and interviews with recognized industry professionals. In this issue...
  • William S. Doane, RIP - Page 3
  • Broad Bottom Configurations and Their Application to Investment Strategy by William S. Doane - Page 5
  • BIS: An Early Warning Indicator of Financial Crises - Page 10
  • Educational Foundation Sets High Goals for Next Year but Needs Your Help - Page 12
  • Using Standard Portfolio Analysis of Risk Margin (Span) to Your Advantage by Carley Garner - Page 16
  • Phases & Cycles: A Normal and Expected Correction is Underway. This is Not a Major Turn in The Markets by David Tippin and Ron Meisels - Page 22
  • Frog in The Pan: Identifying the Highest Quality Momentum Stocks by Wesley R. Gray, Ph.D. - Page 25
  • The Narrative Machine by Ben Hunt, Ph.D. - Page 33

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