Technically Speaking April 2014 Issue Now Available!

Technically Speaking, April 2014

This month and next, we will feature information covered at the CMT Association Annual Symposium. This year’s event was the best to date. The quality of the speakers, attendees and collaborative partners was exceptional. Planning is now underway for the 2015 Symposium. If you would like to provide feedback to the CMT Association on your experience, or make suggestions for topics and speakers next year, please fill out this brief survey: The Symposium committee pulled together a wide array of thought leaders from the investment industry.Technically Speaking will feature summaries of some of the innovative and thought provoking presentations next month. No planning committee can control the quality of attendees. The fact that so many intelligent and personable analysts decide to attend every year is a reflection of the CMT Association membership. The organization attracts the best and the brightest minds in our field. Great attendees add to the educational value of the Symposium and provide networking opportunities that each member finds in their own way. Collaborative Partners provide support to the event and offer an opportunity for all attendees to check out emerging technologies, research and services available. The CMT Association is very excited about the organizations that sponsored the Symposium this year and the work they are doing to advance technical analysis in the broader financial industry. We’ve included educational articles from two partners in this issue. The information can be useful to users of their products or to users of other software tools. Let us know what you’d like to see in upcoming issues of Technically Speaking at - Michael Carr, CMT