Technically Speaking April 2015 Issue Now Available

Once a year, the CMT Association Symposium assembles a lineup of great speakers yet some of the best technicians attending are in the audience. Symposiums have long been one of the most valuable of CMT Association membership and now technology makes it possible to extend that benefit to all members. Videos of the presentations will soon be available on line. Discussion forums on the CMT Association web site allow members to exchange ideas about the presentations or any other topic of interest.  In this month's Technically Speaking we try to start the conversation about speakers with an article featuring the wisdom of a few presenters. This month's newsletter also highlights the fact that chapter meetings offer another way for members to hear from great speakers. Leslie Jouflas, CMT, shares insights from Market Wizard Ed Seykota's recent presentation in Washington. We also have new ideas about how to apply the principles of technical analysis in this issue and we'd like to hear from you about how you apply those principles. If you have ideas for articles in upcoming issues of the newsletter, please send me a note at -Michael Carr, CMT

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