Technically Speaking February 2015 Issue Now Available

This year marks the 42nd anniversary of the CMT Association. We tend to ignore anniversary years unless they end in 0 or 5, but each year is important to the organization. Each of the past 42 years has presented the CMT Association with opportunities for growth along with occasional challenges that have to be met. The fact that we are now nearly 42 years old as an organization is a tribute to the volunteers who have led the CMT Association.
Most of us rarely think about the leadership of the CMT Association. That fact indicates that they are doing an outstanding job because we tend to worry only about major problems. No major problems means no worries about the CMT Association. This month, I’d like to join Dave Keller, CMT, and Past President of the CMT Association in asking you to think about our organization’s leadership. In particular, as Dave notes, it’s time to nominate individuals to serve on the Board of Directors. Individuals in these positions will help set the pace for growth in the next 42 years. If you know of the right person to meet that responsibility, please nominate them. Getting the best people involved in the CMT Association has allowed most of us to ignore the problems that the Board solves effortlessly while keeping us on the right path. Please submit your recommendations to and help us to continue growing the CMT Association. -Michael Carr, CMT  

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