Technically Speaking February 2016 Now Available!

Many of us have been planning to attend the CMT Association’s Annual Symposium and February might be the time to start acting on those plans. According to a study done by In 2014, [we] amassed [a database of] 1.5 billion airfares as we watched 4,986,522 trips, recording the lowest fare for each trip every day from 320 days in advance up until one day before flight time. It’s a treasure trove of cool info if you’re an airfare geek; or, a curious use of terabytes, if you’re anybody else. Since the majority of questions we get asked every year start with “When is the best time to book my flight to…”, the first thing we always do with this data is determine, on average, how far in advance should you book your flight to get the lowest fare. This year, for domestic flights, the answer is 47 days. This is actionable market data and there’s even a chart that shows now is the time to start watching airfares for those flying to New York which will kick off on April 6, 2015 and run through April 8. You can learn more about the Symposium here and I hope to see many of you there. In addition to Technically Speaking, the CMT Association provides actionable ideas at chapter meetings and at the Annual Symposium. It’s time for many of us to start planning for that meeting. It will be held in New York City. In the rest of the magazine, we provide you with more traditional market analysis. As always, please let us know what you’d like to see in future issues of Technically Speaking by emailing us at Sincerely, Michael Carr   View the Technically Speaking Archives »