Technically Speaking January 2016 Issue Now Available

This month’s magazine is focused on actionable ideas for traders. After reading this issue of Technically Speaking, you will have specific ideas for designing a lon-g or short-term trading strategy or advancing your career potential as an investment manager. We’ve also included an article that demonstrates the value of investment skill by reviewing how Berkshire Hathaway performed before Warren Buffett became involved in the company. In addition to Technically Speaking, the CMT Association provides actionable ideas at chapter meetings and at the Annual Symposium. It’s time for many of us to start planning for that meeting which will kick off on April 6, 2015 and run through April 8. It will be held in New York City. You can learn more here. You will also obtain actionable ideas at local chapter meetings. You may have noticed the word “will” in that previous sentence. It jumps out because as investment professionals, we often hedge our statements with phrases including “is likely to” or words like “could.” I am confident you will be exposed to new ideas at CMT Association chapter meetings and broke with tradition to make an unequivocal prediction. If you haven’t been to a chapter meeting, check for local events by clicking here. Finally, feel free to share your own actionable ideas with readers of Technically Speaking. Please let us know what you’d like to see in Technically Speaking this year by emailing us at

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