Technically Speaking January 2017 Issue Now Available!

Technically Speaking magazine is a monthly periodical distributed to the CMT Association membership in digital format. Technically Speaking highlights a variety of topics in market analysis, asset management, and trading. The magazine features articles, techniques and research written by members of the CMT Association and wider financial community, book reviews, and interviews with recognized industry professionals. In This Issue...
  • 2016 Fall Financial Market Outlook by Pring Turner Capital Group - Page 3
  • 2016 Year in Review – Commodities by Greg Schnell, CMT, MFTA - Page 14
  • Two Roads: 1 To N, 0 To 1 By Charlie Bilello, CMT - Page 23
  • Fundamental Line Indicators for Investors by Martha Stokes, CMT - Page 28
  • The Power of Avoiding Mistakes by Stephen Duneier - Page 31
  • Markets Are Too Complacent About China’s Currency Slide by Global Income Team, Eaton Vance - Page 36
  • Call for Nominations - Page 38
  • Yield-Hungry Investors Explore CBOE’s Option-Selling Benchmarks During Bond Market “Rout” By Matt Moran - Page 39
  • Chart Of The Month By Greg Schnell, CMT, MFTA - Page 44

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